Open Mic Competition

'To invest or not to invest' that is the question we will be asking the audience this year!

We’re back by popular demand are inviting you, the south’s innovators and entrepreneurs, to step up, pitch big and impress the Open Mic audience in a bid to be chosen ‘Open Mic Winner 2019’.

This is a fun and informal pitching competition which is open to all, no matter what your experience and investment readiness.

Competitors have three minutes to pitch the audience of innovators, investors, and entrepreneurs who will decide if they would invest or avoid the proposition. 

Whos it’s for? Anyone that wants to share. Investors you might find a hidden gem here but the main point is this is an interactive, noisy audience-led activity for everyone. So ‘come on down!’

More information

Where is it? The New Entrepreneurs Zone

Open Mic Schedule
10:3015:30 Session 1 (6 pitching slots)
13:30 – 14:30 Session 2 (6 pitching slots)

How do I sign up?
The only way you can get a slot is by signing in on the infamous Open Mic whiteboard. Come and see us after the opening address at #VSF19. It’s first to come first served!

How does it work?
You can pitch with or without slides. Bring a laptop or USB stick with slides (there’s a big screen). You get just three minutes to pitch your idea and then the bell will ring to stop you. You will then get a five minute Q&A with the audience and the host.

The judgment
The audience will be asked to consider…

  • How interesting innovation is
  • Growth potential
  • Instability of idea
  • How well it’s pitched

The host will then ask if the audience are you IN or OUT? And the vote will be cast by them hold up red or green voting cards.

The lead judge is your host Ed Gould – Creative Director of Carswell Gould and VFS Founding Partner. His decision is final and binding and he will make the call on who emerges valiant at #VFS19 OPEN MIC CHAMPION.

Good luck and we look forward to seeing you at the #VFS19.

REWIND! Last year’s Open Mic winner James Zorab, pitched his idea Railbuddy, which is an app that tells users when they are owed a compensation claim from train delays, and also helps people submit their claim in seconds. You can see his winning pitch here on VFSTV