Innovation Zone

The Innovation Zone is the heart of the #VFS18 conference. Come along and meet the south’s leading innovators with their cutting-edge products, technology and ground breaking ideas.


The Innovation Zone, sponsored by Smith & Williamson is the heart of the #VFS18 conference. Come along and meet the south’s leading innovators with their cutting-edge products, technology and ground breaking ideas.

It’s the perfect place to take inspiration and share ideas with the people who are helping fuel the south’s innovation economy.

Meet people and organisations from a huge variety of topics, sectors and areas of interest that are taking new ideas to market and getting new businesses off the ground.

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Innovator exhibits from across the south

We are proud to present the 2018 Innovators

BioTeq Limited

BioTeq Limited develops, manufactures and installs human implantable technology. BioTeq is the first UK company to offer human implantable, micro-transponder technology using professional medical procedures. Using qualified medical doctors means the company is able to offer completely pain-free installation using local anaesthetic, as well as providing a high level of pre and post care.

Steven John Northam, Director of SN Technologies Limited, will carry out demonstrations with guests at VFS18, on the day-to-day use of human implantable technology, including the RFID and NFC human microchip implants.


RETORQ Motors Ltd

RETORQ Motors® designs and manufactures advanced electric motors and generators based on its proprietary RETORQ (REluctance TORQue) motor technology. RETORQ motors find applications in many transportation markets; from the automotive traction through agricultural and industrial to the aerospace and motorsport.

Based in Southampton, RETORQ Motors Ltd. is planning to expand into marine, light-rail, off-road, aerospace and renewable energy generation sectors by offering state-of-the-art electric motor and generator solutions.

Alex Stuikys from the RETORQ team will be exhibiting a scale demonstration model of the RETORQ electric motor-generator at VFS18.


Abrupt Audio

Abrupt Audio is the leading and first podcast production company that focuses solely on podcasts in the UK, with a large following. Abrupt Audio helps businesses find their voice and market themselves in a brand new market, gaining them trusted followers.

Chris and Ant (Founders) discovered their love for podcasts and the true value it can bring for businesses in marketing, and started the company three years ago. After going for a business grant with Solent University and succeeding to the full amount, they have continued to grow their innovative way of marketing and have seen great success in awards, going up as a small podcast company against the likes of the BBC World Service and Talk Sport.

Whilst podcasting is not a new media outlet, it is an extremely innovative way of marketing a business that potential customers actually take note from. As marketing becomes increasingly hard, with such things as web banners and radio adverts becoming less effective, Abrupt Audio sees creating genuinely helpful and interesting podcasts as a highly innovative way to gain trusting audiences, which convert to sales for businesses.

Chris Huskins, Founder of Abrupt Audio, will exhibit Abrupt Audio at VFS18, with a micro recording setup that attendees can interact with and have fun with.



Railbuddy lets rail commuters know how much delay money they could claim, and when. Better still, Railbuddy helps people submit their claim, in seconds. All in one mobile app.

Railbuddy monitors 32,000 passenger trains and analyses over 2 million individual train data points in real-time, every day. As a result, it is the only service to help commuters claim delay money in seconds, automatically notifying them when their train is delayed, and why it is delayed.

Railbuddy has been featured among the Apple App Store’s Best New Apps, is self-funded to date, has a team of six and is raising an SEIS investment round in March.

The company is one of only a few technology starts up running from Winchester. It has brought five passenger-firsts to market all of which will improve the 2 million+ rail commuter journeys made from Winchester each year, and tens of millions more across the South. It is supported by the Department for Transport’s Director of Rail as well as the industry’s passenger body, Transport Focus.

James Zorab, CEO and Co-Founder of Railbuddy, will be demonstrating the app working in real-time for trains running out of Winchester and across the South at VFS18, allowing attendees to download and use Railbuddy straight away.



Beacon is an easy-to-use, yet powerful AI-backed analytics tool that allows organisations (and individuals) to significantly improve their results from online campaigns, through tracking social posts as they produce website traffic, customer journey and sales to attribute “posts to profit”. It complements current social media management tools, aiming to be the key and indispensable analytics tool in the digital media managers toolbox.

Beacon allows companies to directly attribute social media activity to actual website results; giving vastly accelerated time to value. It delivers the holy grail of “posts to profit” allowing, for example, direct attribution of social posts across multi channels to specific website activity such as sales, bookings, downloads.

Beacon is currently in an investment round to grow UK/European sales and global scale up activities.

Nigel Bridges, Co-Founder and CEO of Beaconsoft Limited, will be exhibiting at VFS18 and will demonstrate Beacon, showing its power and effectiveness.

Website: is focused on developing autonomy solutions (hardware and software) for enterprise customers. As a sideline, the company has also developed tools and techniques required to create drone shows – both inside and outside. Success stories include being a semi-finalist of Britain’s Got Talent (, being a part of the opening ceremonies of Southeast Asia Games, and more recently the opening ceremony for the Gulf Cup: (

John McKenna, Managing Director, will be showcasing the company’s latest autonomous drone inspection platforms at VFS18.

TRACOuk (The Recycled Assets Company)

TRACOuk is an online ‘asset management portal’. It is a revolutionary enhancement to the storage market, as it provides values to everything held in storage/surplus inventory.

TRACOuk is short for The Recycled Assets Company. The company’s origins started with office clearance and it has now developed into a first-class relocation and storage company. The company’s main aim is to save precious resource through environmental re-use strategies. TRACOuk is a real business-to-business scalable solution.

Jason Bentley, Managing Director of TRACOuk will be demonstrating the company’s embryonic pioneering ‘smart store’ asset management solution at VFS18. This is an idea that builds on TRACOuk’s current storage offering, but places better asset control back in the hands of the asset owner. This could be rented furniture and equipment (F&E) or F&E that is owned, surplus to requirements. The app will save companies real money while improving their green credentials through lower waste, lower carbon footprint and full transparency with upto the day market driven asset valuations.



Entelligently is comfort management for buildings, which connects people and buildings, improving performance and comfort. It is a new service from PCSG & KnowNow Information, which was first funded by InnovateUK to confirm that involving a building’s occupants can improve a building’s energy performance.

Entelligently is a mobile app which captures user comfort feedback and includes a dashboard that shows how well a building is meeting its comfort and energy targets. By combining sensor and environmental data with comfort data, Entelligently is able to generate a predictive pattern of comfort. This then instructs the building to deliver. Using Entelligently can reduce a buildings energy bill by 25%. As a result, Entelligently is delivering positive outcomes that have a number of impacts, including reduced energy bills, higher rental value of the commercial property, improved sustainability reporting and increased occupant engagement, welfare and productivity.

Chris Cooper from PCSG will be at VFS18 and will talk to attendees about citizen centric smart cities and why we are not quite there yet.


Enova Consulting Limited

Enova is a consultancy company that creates great technology products and solutions without compromising quality, helping to close the gap between technology and users by offering the best possible solutions to meet clients’ needs.

The company is committed to bringing answers to companies who can’t afford to waste time in selecting a product from a flooded market place; who simply don’t know the solution to a business problem but need that extra hand to find the technical fit.

Cynthia Silva, Director of Enova Consulting Limited, will be showcasing two different experiences at the event:

  • The first experience will be samples of the exhibition, Embellishment in Fashion, which is currently on display at the Royal School of Needlework at Hampton Court Palace. The experience takes visitors on a 200-year journey, enriched with Augmented Reality, through the history of embroidery and beading.
  • The second experience will showcase the Smart Murals project, which launched in Southampton on 22nd February 2018. Visitors will be able to look at Deerdog artwork using their smartphones, see the painting’s characters come to life and find out more about Dan Perfect’s work through augmented reality.


KOIOS Master Data Limited

KOIOS Master Data work hard for manufacturers, distributors and end-buyers to remove time and cost throughout the supply chain, and enable businesses and economies to be more productive.

To do this, the company has created a suite of ground-breaking cloud based software products that enable organisations to create, share and use ISO 8000 compliant product specifications quickly and easily with all trusted supply chain partners, regardless of language constraints.


TYSOM Limited

The antidote to a faceless society is supporting local businesses and communities. TYSOM Loyalty and Promotional APP is a service as a subscription model – £25pcm, no contract. Tyson’s collaborative approach means each Merchants Loyalty Club builds a promotional community for merchants within a specified geographic area, attracting shoppers, workers and visitors. Powerful reporting shows what’s working, making money and where to find new customers. Customers join as many Loyalty Clubs as they like, share promotions or take the pick of local offers, enjoying ongoing discounts and rewards. 71% of us are more likely to use our loyalty cards through an App.

TYSOM has secured £7.5k in revenues since launching at the end of November 2017.

Robert Housden, Managing Director at TYSOM Limited, will be at VFS18, showcasing TYSOM’s services.


Position Systems Limited

PSL is a science and engineering-based company engaged in research, development and deployment of new technology which has many applications. Currently focused on the Healthcare Technology sector, PSL has a range of products and services addressing critical problems in Fall Alerting, Infection Control, Medication Management, Cardiac Monitoring and Patient Hydration. The R&D programme is addressing other problem areas where new technology can provide solutions more effectively and at lower cost than traditional methods and systems. PSL healthcare technology devices will generate the data required by Health Authorities, to produce the analysis necessary for reducing currently unsustainable healthcare costs.

Dick Wallis, CEO of Position Systems Limited, will be showcasing a variety of the company’s products at VFS18, including:

  • iH(Intelligent Hygiene) for hand-hygiene-compliance in Infection Control
  • AbelMeter, for fitness and performance monitoring in Sports Science
  • NextStep, for neonatal resuscitation, in Paediatrics


Eureco Technologies Limited

Eureco Technologies Ltd creates patented licensable technology solutions for space and terrestrial industries.

Eureco Technologies Ltd is an independent consultancy, which invents and develops innovative enabling technologies for out-licensing. Computer simulation models and 3D-printing techniques are used to develop and test hardware items. Eureco’s patented invention, the “eureco® EM-bridge™”, is a unique connectivity solution for deployable radio frequency transmission line, replacing coaxial cable and bringing numerous benefits to the space and industrial processing industries.

Alan and Martin Thompson, inventors and directors of Eureco Technologies Ltd, will be at VFS18, showcasing 3D-printed items produced in their Innovate UK Project: Feasibility studies of the eureco® EM-bridge™, which targets space and terrestrial applications, including:

  • Satellite telecommunications
  • Observation of the Earth, planets and asteroids using synthetic aperture radar
  • CubeSat and SmallSat applications
  • Transportable radio telescopes for university and amateur use
  • Low-energy processing of composites for the aerospace and automotive industries


Forty1 Kitesurfing

Forty1 Kitesurfing is developing a low profile hydrofoil to improve the experience and accessibility for kitesurfers of all abilities, worldwide. Proudly based in Portsmouth, building on the local heritage and skills through universities and authorities, with a company goal to be a global brand, designing and innovating in the kitesurfing industry. The company is proudly based in Portsmouth, building on the city’s heritage, local skills and knowledge, including university engagement.


The Cato Bot Company Ltd

Amazon Alexa, Google Assistant & Facebook messenger bots are changing the way people interact with internet search and commerce. There are moments when people are turning to a device – smartphone or smart speaker – to take action on what they want to know, to do, to buy or where to go. The Cat Bot Company develops context-driven conversational experiences to help businesses focused on recreation, entertainment, sports, and tourism related products and services to listen and reply to these micro-moment actions of their clients in real-time. The Cato Bot Company offers a customisable and fully supported Service-as-a-Software technological solution to develop and manage Amazon Alexa skills, Google assistant actions and Facebook Messenger chatbots for businesses to assist, inform or entertain their clients at scale.

Nikolaos Maniatis, Founder of The Cato Bot Company Ltd, will be showcasing applications of Amazon Alexa and Google Home smart speakers at VFS18. Visitors will have the opportunity to interact with the devices and ask questions about voice chatbot technologies and conversational design. After visiting The Cato Bot Company’s stand, visitors will have a good idea on how to use voice in their business to assist, inform and entertain their clients.



TrouDigital is a young UK start-up, founded in early 2012, that provides cloud based digital signage solutions to the education, small business, property, medical and retail sectors. TrouDigital’s android digital signage software helps businesses engage with their customers through the power of digital signs.

At Venturefest South 2018, TrouDigital will exhibit two innovations and a recent bespoke mobile application project in the works for Porsche to control screens in a showroom.

The first innovation is the company’s ‘lift and learn’ technology, which is the combination TrouDigital’s digital signage software and RFID readers. This allows users to pick up an object and trigger corresponding content on a display, making for an ideal sales tool in a retail environment. The second innovation is voice-activated digital signage. Utilising the Google Assistant API, TrouDigital has developed an application where voice commands trigger content on a screen.



WRLD3D is a technology company that provides a 3D visualisation and geo-location platform primarily to application developers and corporates.

WRLD3D delivers everything needed to build applications using interactive 3D maps. It provides global mapping coverage at building-level detail. The company’s customers and partners can deliver geo-located content and information within an engaging 3D
environment through customisable points of interest, dynamic tours and animated objects. Developers use the platform to create apps for: exterior & interior navigation, IoT visualisation and enhancing consumer engagement.

WRLD3D has already created a number of out of the box applications, including: Smart Office application (an application that allows employees to search for other employees, book meeting rooms, navigate the office, find assets, log issues etc.), Smart Retail and Smart Facilities Management.

Nigel Fox, Business Development Director at WRLD3D Ltd, will demonstrate the business’ 3D world platform at VFS18, as well as some of WRLD3D’s demo applications. These applications will show:

3D Exteriors
3D Interiors
Indoor Navigation
IoT visualisation



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