The NatWest New Entrepreneurs Zone

The NatWest New Entrepreneur Zone

Be sure to visit the NatWest, New Entrepreneur Zone to meet emerging talent from the region’s universities and experience the more conceptual side of #VFS19.

New inventions, innovations and bleeding edge business ideas are on display, so come and meet the minds behind them. Share your experiences and stories with this zone’s residents and we guarantee that, in exchange, you will take away enthusiasm and inspiration to help you with your business or idea.

Big ideas, concepts and exiting topical discussion can be found in the zone, the home of Open Mic and our new forum discussion on the future…


The Open Mic Arena invites big thinkers and early-stage innovators to pitch fresh new ideas to the #VFS19 audience. It’s a great opportunity to get noticed and gain valuable feedback – you might even find a new investor or partner to work with. There are bragging rights on offer to the best of the best.

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Disruption and Citizenship 2050 with Timo Peach and friends

As profound automation shifts loom to transform human work and play into the middle of the century, how might we be making sense of the real context for change – the human emotional space?  How will we reconcile choice and responsibility? How might resources coincide with technology to provoke new demands on our states of mind? Will the anthropocene be a time of radical astringment or abundance?

Disempowerment or democracy? Oppression or ownership? Five speakers share specialist insights and compare notes with host, Timo Peach.

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Play ‘STRIKE!’ the war game

Defence Science and Technology Laboratory (Dstl) invites you to come along and play STRIKE! This innovative tabletop board game was created by Dstl to focus on the virtual training of brigade units within the army.

Join in and test your skills, focus, and strategy and see how you would perform on the battlefield while exploring how your new innovations could help the army improve.

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